Saturday, January 3, 2009

Time flies...........when you get to do whatever the f you want.

It sure does. That really sucks!!! I have to go back to work on Monday. BOO!!! That was fast!! How is it that 2 weeks of work goes so slow, but 2 weeks off goes incredibly fast?! ugh!!
Oh well. I am glad I have new clothes for work, that actually fit me!! Thank goodness for Christmas presents. :) I am so relishing my time off. I love time off from work, etc. In fact I love it so much, I am already planning my next vacation time. It will be the two days before the valentines weekend. I am booking a mini vacay at a bed and breakfast or a resort somewhere fairly close to home. That's exciting! It's fun to have a bit of play money (again thank goodness for Christmas presents aka cash). So I heard a commercial on the radio today, and it was for a bridal and prom expo. And I was soooo happy that is all behind me. Like freaking ecstatic. I am glad that my sisters still have several years before the whole wedding thing will pop up again, well the weddings that I will be fully involved with all the planning that is.
This is a random post. I had a very good day. I got a steal on boots, I thought they were 30 bucks which is still a hell of a deal on the Ugg knock offs. But at the register they ended up being 15 bucks. 50% off select winter items. HELL YA. That and I got some cute clothes (in smaller sizes) :) Other than the dread of Monday, today has been a fun and happy day. Yay.

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