Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Actually, I do not mind being a 'loser'.

That's right. I'm a loser. I am fully ok with this fact. Why? Because in my case, I am a loser of weight. That's right. I went to the doctor (like I do once a month) and I am down another 4 pounds in 4 weeks. This brings the total of weight loss to 32 pounds since Dec 10, 2007. Of course it has been gradual, yet consistent. I am happy about that. Now it is time to watch my show, the Biggest Loser and then go home to see my sister who is home from college for Tgiving. I havent seen her in exactly 4 weeks....so needless to say I am so excited to see her.


Kendra said...

YAY! That is awesome! I wish I could be a loser! :)

Super Mom said...

Congrats! That is fantastic! Stick with it, I know it is hard, but it is worth it. Not only will you feel better about the way you look, but you will be HEALTHIER TOO!!! WOOOO!

PS... struggling with this myself. Figured we could all use a little encouragement. :)