Monday, November 17, 2008

Seriously? Im sick of this crap.

I swear everything is getting to me these days. I shouldnt be shocked by anything I hear or witness these days, but yet I am. I just recently had conversations with a friend of mine who is planning her wedding. She is having the toughest time with it and it saddens me because of the reasons why. Family. Yes, thats the central reason. It saddens me because a family is suppose to love, support and completely help you and not cause agony, stress and resentment. I cannot believe just how selfish people are. How hard of a concept is is a wedding, a celebration of love between two people. It ISNT everyone else's business on what to do and what not to do. It also isnt a place to lay on the bullshit thick, or serve up extra helpings of guilt. Shame on those doing this to them. My friend and her fiance are amazing people who only deserve the best and a life of happiness. And the planning phase should be nothing short of a reflection of what they want and what makes them happy. Now, I know first hand how stressful it can get to plan a wedding. Also, how other people try to control or micro manage aspects of it. As with everything, you have to pick and chose your battles carefully. In my personal experience with planning a wedding I was fortunate to only have small battles-which at the time i thought were much larger than they were. I was sadly mistaken, and I realized this when I was enlightened to my friends situation. Her battles to pick can you pick when the battles are more like massive bloody insane wars. And bless her heart she is trying to handle it the best way she knows how. But who knows how to handle things that are easily a 99 on a 10 point moronic, idiotic and insane scale. I wish I could grow a pair and march up to the meanies and just tell them how it is.....tell them how wrong they are, put them in their place and then leave it at that and let my friend go on and plan her pretty little head off....plan, plan, plan, breathe, plan, plan, plan every aspect of her and her man's happy wedding and more importantly the beginning of their marriage.
What is with people today? So selfish, judgemental, nosy, irritating, rude and flat out mean. No matter what happens, I have complete faith that it will be amazing and I will be there with only love, support and joy for them as they say their I do's.

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