Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Once upon a time....

This blog should be interesting. Contrary to my previous two entries, I am not always going to be bitchy and vent about life issues. That was just a timing thing when I started this blog. I mainly started it because I have always been interested in writing about my life and feelings whether good or bad. Instead of actual paper and pen, the new thing is the computer. Plus I think if I wrote all this down my hand would cramp up terribly. Sad but true since I do not write much anymore. As a kid I had a small green diary adorned with random glitter doodles from glitter gel pens that I was obsessed with in my adolescent years. Some of the designs whether all or partial parts of them have since peeled or fallen off. Anyways, this diary mainly told tales of crushes, new experiences, anger and injustice. Many entries were about my experiences of growing up the oldest girl in the family, living on a tree farm with my siblings and many different animals. Entries about my experiences at the private catholic grade school I attended. Entries documenting several crazy adventures embarked on with my childhood neighbor and best friend who was two years older and went to a public (gasp) school. To this day I am amazed at how sheltered I was and that my parents actually let me hang out with Mandy. She was that kid in your life that told you the stuff you weren’t supposed to know at such a young age. You know, like Santa wasn’t real, nor was the tooth fairy or Easter bunny and babies don’t come from just kissing, or about what a period was and much more. She also got me into a lot of trouble since she was such a strong influence and not typically a positive one. She convinced me to steal for the first time from a girl on the bus- it was a bag of candy. Looking back it wasn’t even candy I liked, but Mandy liked and wanted. Then she proceeded to be the one who tattled on me. That little bitch. She also provoked me into calling the bully on the bus a very bad name. I was grounded FOREVER and also had to call him on the phone and apologize to him, which was so humiliating. That was not even the worst of it all. She also told some of my secrets, like which boy on the bus I had a crush on. It wasn’t she would just tell someone, she announced it to the whole crowd. So I learned a lot from this girl. Like what not to do…but did at one time. Now, I have a lot of happy and fun memories of being friends with her. But most of them were fun at the time, but got us into trouble. I also had entries of sibling rivalry, anger, jealously and hatred (unfortunately). Hey I was young and had an older brother and two younger sisters and as we all know when siblings are involved life isn't fair; especially when you have sisters. I also wrote about fun, happy times with my siblings. We had a lot of silly, sneaky, hilarious and bizarre experiences that we shared. We used to run around the kitchen naked before bedtime. We used to set up spy operations and sneak to one another’s bedrooms and then sneak to the living room and spy on our parents watching the evening news. We also would ride bikes all over the place, and terrorize the chickens and sheep. My sisters and I would play Barbie’s and I used to make stupid little pillows and comforters out of remnant material and lace my mom had. We also would play hide and go seek in the dark, that was always a favorite. We used to play taco bell drive through in an old beat up camper/trailer my dad had one year from trying out his skills at selling Christmas tree’s in December. We had a lot of fun in that camper trailer. There are many more wacky tales from the McHenry children, but that is good enough for now. I think the bulk of my entries, I’m not going to lie here, were about my incessant crushes on several boys which would change frequently. It’s funny how you think you really love someone, but 2 weeks later you are over them and on to the next victim. It is humorous now, but back then I remember praying so adamantly that Chris Gerhardt would be my husband when I was all grown up, but then two entries later pray the same thing for me and Jeff Wazisgo. Ha ha, that was the friend of my brother’s who wore black spandex shorts with neon colored shapes all the time ….wow…what was I thinking?? Garth Brooks said it best when he sang this simple yet astounding sentence-“some of God’s greatest gifts are unanswered prayers.” That is enough for now. My point in this entry was that I used to write about my weird quirky childhood and I guess now I can write about my weird quirky adulthood. And that of course my experiences may not be as colorful and wacky like they were in my formative years, but I still have some very interesting experiences recently, presently and some certainly awaiting me in the future. Bring it on…gulp.

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