Friday, November 21, 2008


TGIF…AND….TGIAWWNP…….Seriously…Thank God it is Friday AND Thank God it’s a weekend with no plans. That NEVER happens. I am very excited. Excited to do nothing….is that weird? I just need some down time. I am always busy and for once I want to be unbusy. Now, I will still keep myself busy but it will be like just organizing, cleaning, reading, stuff like that. Heck, I may even decorate for Christmas. Even though I do not quite feel it is that time of year yet. We will see.
This week has been exceptionally long. Well, it has felt exceptionally long as I know it isn’t really any longer than any other week. Wednesday night I was thinking that the next day was Friday. So that was a bummer being at work yesterday, having it feel like a Friday but it was only a Thursday. Which, I love Thursdays for a couple reasons, but it is still not Friday. Thursday’s are paydays, and in the evenings Grey’s Anatomy is on. I still love that show, even though it isn’t as fun as the first two seasons. I think the third season and the writers strike, really affected the show’s content…etc. They are slowly coming back and winning all of my devotion back. Last nights episode was just super weird…I am still perplexed about it. Oh well. I still enjoyed it.
I do not really have a set topic today, just rambling really. This past week I have really been thinking about a lot of deeper issues and so today I think I am just emotionally and mentally on vacation. I am sort of just blah today. It is ok though, because I’m in an overall positive and content mood. Thank God it is not last Friday when I was at the dentist getting assaulted. And my whole weekend was hectic and on top of that I was in pain. No bueno. The past is past..yay.
Here is to the weekend. *cheers*

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Needsleepy said...

Hey I didn't know you were on here!
lol Now I am going to have to follow you around lol Come by and see me if you want...I am and at
See you around sugar!

PS Love the trivia game...I am trying to play it as much as I can lol