Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm moving to Texas. EFF this weather.

Ok so I’m not technically moving to Texas. As of now. But, I am seriously considering it. Especially after last night, stupid Kansas weather. Now, this is not just my attempt at being a drama queen, but rather just brings up something Jeff and I have casually talked about on and off for years. I used to want to get the hell out of Kansas the minute I could. Now, once I was old enough to do so, that didn’t happen. Anyways, Jeff has always said he always wanted to live in Derby. But, the one exception to that would be to live in Texas. He loves Texas. I have mixed feelings about the state. Main negative for me is the heat!! But a huge positive is that the winters are not like they are here. But anyways, we haven’t talked about it in a long time and it surprised me when this week alone, he brought it up twice and I brought it up about 3 times since my last nights series of unfortunate events….
So let me tell you about my evening last night. It took me almost 2 hours to get home. NO JOKE. I was terrified the whole time. The roads were a thick sheet of ice, even the main roads. Much to my surprise, there was absolutely no salt or sand or anything on some of the main roads in Wichita. I mean COME on, I can sorta understand if it was a sudden attack of weather…or if it was early in the morning…BUT at 5 at night when it had been misting, snowing and sleeting ALL day….there is just no reason why there would be a thick sheets of ice on the main roads.. What the hell do I pay taxes for??? Of course, the traffic was horrific, no surprise there. On top of that, the traffic lights were malfunctioning…..but only the left turn signal lights at the main intersections of Central and Rock and Central and Woodlawn. GREAT. Not all the traffic lights, just ones that I needed. And of course the other sides didn’t have a clue so they couldn’t let anyone go or treat the intersection as a four way stop. So you’d think that would be enough to deal with in one night right? NOOO… What else?! I got stuck in a curb, three times… was awful. And I wasn’t the only one. And yes I do have an SUV with 4 wheel drive but apparently that meant shit to this kind of ice. I do not remember ever being that scared and frantic. It was awful, I hate this weather and I absolutely hate that our city doesn’t put ice or sand on the MAIN roads to help with the ice issues. L Luckily, I was able to stay somewhat calm (ha) and the only good thing that happened was that a good Samaritan helped me. Anyways, I got home after dark…I couldn’t believe I had been in my car for almost 2 hours….I was pissed, scared, weirded out and absolutely starving (not a good day to pick to not eat lunch) when I got home. Jeff was home and he tried to warm me up and be sweet but I was just in such a bad mood. He did make me spaghetti so that was nice of him, and I was home in time to watch the Biggest Loser and I love that show. After that it was 9 and I read a little bit and was exhausted so I went to bed at 10. I refused to drive today, so I got a ride with my father in law (we work at the same company). It took almost an hour to get to work this morning but it was a lot better than last night. I am hoping this isn’t a preview to the rest of the winter. Im so terrified of driving on it already, and last nights experience only makes it worse. I need to suck it up and drive tomorrow, that should be interesting. Maybe my dislike for riding with the FIL will motivate me to put my big girl panties on and brave death again so soon….tomorrow…wait….that’s Greys night….so maybe I will brave it on Friday instead….wish me luck!
I just started the 3rd book in the 4 book saga I have been reading. It is so hard to put it down, but I haven’t been able to read much in the past couple days. L Makes me sad, that is all I want to do is read it. I just want to go home, get on my comfy pj’s and curl up and read my book dammit. But no, I have to be here at work, not working….but blogging…but I have a lot of work to do…just zero motivation to do it. I am still in a bad mood from last night and just thinking about it today isn’t helping. I need a vacation. That reminds me…I have 9 more work days until I have almost 2 weeks of holiday break. Thank God. I need a break so bad. I used up all of my vacation and sick time in the month of June. And now its been almost 6 months and I am going mad!! I am very much looking forward to Jan 09 so I get 4-5 weeks of vacation and sick to play around with and actually spread it out over the whole year. Tick tock tick tock. I better get back to my work…hmm…

****Oh and this is for Shelly about my thoughts on the movie, Twilight. ****
I was hesitant to go see it due to the bad reviews I kept hearing about. But I have never been one to listen to what others say. I make my own opinions about stuff. But I just didn’t want to get pissed and super disappointed because I knew the movie wouldn’t come close to the books. That is how everything is. I did crack and went to see it because I was just so involved in reading the stories. I went in with low expectations. I think that was in part why I liked it and didn’t hate it. When anyone goes in to stuff with their hopes up or high expectations you are bound to be disappointed…so why would I do that to myself willingly? So I go…I liked it a lot. Of course, I have my personal criticisms, but for the most part I really thought it went well. It would be hard to do that story justice. These are my thoughts. If I hadn’t read the book first, I would have been so lost. They went a little TOO fast thru the details at the beginning of the movie. Jeff saw it with me, and a few times was like…uh wtf…ok? And of course I followed, but I also had read the book and he had not. So I could see where it would be confusing. So I had to lean over and kinda fill in some info here and there. I liked the actress who played Bella. I did not like the actor who played Edward. I could see where people were sadly disappointed with that choice. I did love the character who played her dad. He was not what I thought he would be after reading the book. The movie dad was funny, not hideous looking, and just did a good job. The book dad was boring, blah and not funny. I did not like the actor that played Mike Newton-that was bad casting. I did like the actor who played Alice, it was exactly how she was described in the book. I thought Emmett was hot, though too pale, but still cute. Rosalie is what I expected, either way she was a bitch. Jasper’s hair was hilarious and his facial expressions. I enjoyed that aspect of the movie. I liked the girl who played Esme and I was disappointed at first at the guy who played Carlisle, but quickly warmed up to him. I did enjoy the part in the movie where they were making her Italian food. That wasn’t in the book. The only other thing I can think of right now was that the chemistry between Edward and Bella was not really there for me. That kinda sucked. But overall, I enjoyed the movie. The setting and scenery was amazing and I loved that aspect of it. The small town living was cool too. I did like the twist where the author of the book was a customer at the diner, and the waitress gave her food and then that was all there was to it. Did you pick up on that too? What did you think of the movie?

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~Joanna said...

I want to see you down here in this great state, but we still get snow...Up north like Dallas and Lubbock all the time. Down here in SA not so frequently... But it still is a wonderful thought!!!