Thursday, December 4, 2008

Thank God It's Grey's Tonight

I really need it. Lately, things have been so weird and I seem to be in a constant sullen state. This is not by choice, of course. Just one of those things I cannot truly control all the way. If it's not one thing, its another. I feel like I just need to cut ties from civilization to truly have some peace and happiness. Sadly, that is not reality. They say start ever morning like it was on purpose. Or tomorrow is another day. Or start fresh. I always feel like, "ugh, another day, I gotta brace myself for a whole lot of ugly coming my way from a never-ending parade of stupid."
I almost feel guilty this past week about my blogs. I cast off such a negative spin on things. But I have to remind myself that the only reason I have one of these is so I can vent, bitch, moan, complain and well...I think I am succeeding at that task. I have not even fully touched on what thoroughly has pissed me off this week alone, not even the past month. So consider yourselves lucky. However, I am the unlucky one for letting that shit stay inside and fester. Now I would have to admit that I only let about 20% of whats truly bugging me out on this blog. If I was just writing for myself, and for no ones eyes, I would probably be completely forthcoming and honest about stuff. But in fear that I will hurt peoples feelings or it may get around to other people from word of mouth - I have opted out of that. I am just glad Greys is on in almost 2 hours. It is my 1 hour of complete happiness with no interruptions (except commercials) which by the way will be a thing of the past starting tomorrow when I get my DVR. *Merry Christmas to Me...YAY...Im so happy.* I will just address a few things ( in the form of a brief statement) as of late, that bother the crap about of me.
1. I hate the winter weather, AND it just started. SHIT. 4 long ass months of this......brace myself
2. I hate my neighbors above....sounds like they constantly move furniture.
3. I hate the apt complex management and home office. They are liars, crooks and rude as hell.
4. I hate when young adults go to bed as early as old people do....freaking seriously, you will have plenty of time to be OLD and do that shit.
5. I hate movies based on books. Why cant one EVER be awesome?
6. I hate online games, but really just one. I have nothing to do with them, but they still impact my life because just this week, my hubby got sucked back into one that I loathe. UGH.
7. I hate those people who only call or email when they are bored, need something or are just plain nosy and want to ask a billion questions. They need a crash course in friendship 101.

I am going to read a book now and wait until my show comes on.

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Super Mom said...

The beauty of a blog is that it is YOUR blog, and you can say whatever the hell you want. If someone gets offended, they can NOT read your blog!! I think you should use it for whatever you want. If you want to vent and scream and cuss and piss and moan about every little problem that you have, that is YOUR right, and you should do it!!! :)

I would say the majority of people would be offended by my blog, but I pretty much don't give a shit. Even my mommy reads mine, and I don't hold back! Maybe I'll right one about all the things that my mom does that pisses me off... THAT would be fun!

Anyways, my point is just that you should do what makes you happy, and end the end you are really only writing for yourself, so write something that interests YOU.

Good luck, hon. Hope things get better...

And PS - I really is too freakin' cold out, and I HATE that this is just the beginning... I hate freakin' Kansas weather... ugh.