Monday, December 1, 2008

It is already December. Incredible.

Wow, what a whirlwind this year has been. I cannot even remember a lot of this years events.....maybe its becuase I am severely sleep deprived, utterly annoyed at things and thoroughly pissed off at my husband right now.
So the first day of December, we got our first Christmas tree together.....awwwwwww...ya for like a second. Then we realize what a pain in the ass these things are before we even get it inside the house. Then there is the set up and stands and rotating, ugh. Then we get the lights on, my OCD kicked in and I kept moving them and Jeff finally had to give me that "seriously, knock it off" look. THEN, came the realization that....well shit, we have pretty much no ornaments for our tree. Now, we have a few that his aunt bought us this past weekend. Blue balls-sparkly blue balls-to be exact. Then Jeff had a few of his own and I still havent busted mine out......still have to find THAT box...*groan*. But seriously, it will be a very bare tree this year. But I guess that is how many trees start out. I am not going to rush about and by matchy matchy ornaments and decorate my tree like Im freaking Martha Stewart. I am all for the random fun sentimental trees, that is what I had growing up and I love it. I love that each year my family decorates the tree together. We start it out with each ones babys first christmas ornaments, in birth order. I always get to go second. Then we each take turns putting up various meaningful ones from over the years that relatives and friends have given us and also ones from grade school.
I looked for a couples first christmas ornament the other day, and the ones that are our there are FUGLY. I havent had any luck yet on the internet, although, I have barely looked.
Anyways, I still love our first tree together. It is ridiculous and embarrassing to admit that I have taken about a dozen pics of it. I hope I am not one of *those* parents...when the time comes. But our tree is just that...OUR TREE. In a way I guess the deficient nature of our tree or the newness in that we barely have ornaments is refreshing. It signifies our whole lives ahead of us- to slowly collect meaninful flare for our tree every year.

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23 more days until Christmas...