Saturday, December 27, 2008

Starting the resolutions early.

So apparantly I cannot or should not blog about whatever I want. It is too negative or just venting. And I feel I need to put disclaimers constantly. Becuase even though I created this just to vent, hence the name of the blog, it seems to irritate people. People are too sensitive but so am I. But my point of this is to say that I am going to try to be more positive. And when I am not feeling so positive I will put on a mask and not be myself completely. Hmm sounds like real life when I hide what is really bothering me 98% of the time. So much for the purpose of this

My Christmas post started out poorly. I meant to spin it back in the right direction which I started to, but then just stopped. I had a great Christmas eve with my mom's side. I also had a great Christmas with my family and then Jeff's immediate family. We have his big extended family Christmas later today. We were very surprised and feel so blessed from the presents we received this year. And more specifically from his parents. They sure surprised us. Which is saying a lot since in his family, there are never any surprises and everyone knows pretty much everything about you or whats going on. But, we got a great gift, even more than we could of imagined. Two words: Savings Bonds. Everything else we got was amazing as well. We had great times with our family members the past 3 days, it is such a fun, loving and uplifting atmosphere- Christmas. I am very happy and also looking forward to the New Year for several reasons. I am going to continue to lose weight, be positive and just live a happy life. This past year was filled with ups and downs. I only hope to outdo 2008. I lost 34.5 pounds in one year. I will beat that number in 2009.
So, I as I regret being negative on my blog a lot - I will not apologize becuase that was sorta the point. But I will be more positive for everyone elses' sake and more importantly for my own.


Super Mom said...

You don't offend me sweetie. That is point of a blog. Say what you want, if people don't like it, they can not read it!

Glad you had a good Christmas, sorry I didn't get a chance to talk to you on Saturday, by the way...

Things were a little hectic with all the kids and whatnot. :(

Kendra and I were talking about having a card night with the girls sometime soon! You should come! It will be cards, games, drinking and bad talking men as needed. :)

Needsleepy said...

That's right say what ever comes in that beautiful mind of yours. That is the point of blogging, "to let it out." Some times you are positive and sometimes you are negative...that is just life.
As far as the "She-Ra Men Hater's Club Party" I will offer up my house to play at. (Now Adam will be here to watch the children, but you will not even notice) We'll keep him out of the way playing WOW or something! :-)